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GNSS의 개요(1)

GNSS의 개요(1)
- 위치 결정
- 항법의 종류
- 위성항법시스템
- GNSS의 종류
- GNSS 시스템 비교

What is GNSS and how does it work?

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Global Navigation Satellite System provides invaluable information. Without this, we will lost. But we understand very little about how it works. Let's dive in the world of GNSS and know what is GNSS and how it works.

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How GPS Works

Today, the main way to learn your position on the Earth is to use a smartphone, a handheld GPS unit, or GNSS Receiver. All these consumer gadgets have a GPS or GNSS chip inside. To find your location, the receiver uses information from satellites that are constantly moving around the Earth. In this video, we will show you how information from satellites is used to determine your location at a particular time.

00:00 - Introduction
00:23 - Information from Satellite Signals
01:00 - How GNSS Receivers Use Satellite Signals
02:50 - Why We Need Signals from 4 Satellites
03:28 - Accuracy of GNSS System

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